Accounts Payable Technician

The Accounts Payable Technician is responsible for the daily accounts payable activities for both Dawson Creek and Grande Prairie locations to facilitate payables processing, invoice accuracy and invoice payment in a timely fashion for Vulcan. The primary focus is to ensure all required backup and coding are applied to all invoices and is involved in the daily activities of coding and matching invoices to ensure an efficient and collaborative approach to accounts payable practices.


  • Receives invoices daily in accounts payable email or through the mail.
  • Matches invoices to a packing slip or purchase order number (PO#) to be processed.
  • Refers to the chart of accounts to determine which cost code the invoice needs to be coded against, enters coded invoices into Sage.
  • Prepares a weekly payables list based on net 30 and determines which invoices are to be paid via EFT versus cheque or US vendors.
  • Prepares a remittance sheet for each invoice confirming amount paid, invoice number, etc.; and sends to the vendor along with a copy of the invoice being paid.
  • Receives calls or emails on accounts payable queries and answers or responds to them promptly. Maintains a cordial working relationship with all vendors.
  • Identifies vendors with special payment terms (i.e., credit card payments, wire transfer, etc.) and processes their payments as requested. Ensures that direct deposits for vendors have been transmitted.
  • Pays all required GST/PST/WCB and other approved remittances to meet guidelines established by CRA.
  • Post all facility lease and expense payments and arrange bank transfers.
  • Compiles all utility invoices as required and processes payment through online banking.
  • Assists vendors with submitting proper invoice content and back-up to facilitate timely processing and approval for payment.
  • Ensures proper backup documentation is made after payment is completed; prepares backups for all invoices.
  • Maintains a strong service orientation within the Finance & Administration Department with open and effective communication with other departments.


  • Particular and concerned with accuracy and thoroughness, this individual is inclined to be “hands-on” with attention to, and organization of, detail.
  • Effective in roles where defined standards, policies and practices are in place, this person tries to be correct and careful in their assignments and responsive to performance expectations.
  • Effective and engaged in roles where there is a need to personally complete technical activities with lesser requirement for group interaction or social activities.
  • With a strong task focus, this individual generally communicates factually and quantitatively in interactions with others.
  • Often inquisitive, this individual employs an analytical approach to critique information, facts, and capabilities.
  • Effective with activities and assignments having consistency and predictability and where a deliberate approach is required.
  • This person prefers a role where a methodical and systematic work style is necessary with attentiveness to established processes and procedures.


  • Education: High school diploma. Applied business technology certificate, accounting technician certificate or related experience.
  • Work Experience: 3+ years prior work experience in an accounts payable or similar role.
  • Skills: Excellent organizational skills with attention to detail. Written and verbal communication skills. Strong math skills. Excellent computer skills. Comfortable with MS office applications and Sage Accounting. Strong problem-solving skills. Ability to work under tight deadlines.
  • Knowledge: Understanding of basic principles of finance, accounting, and bookkeeping.
  • Certifications/Licenses: Must have a class 5 drivers license or reliable transportation to and from work.


Would consider a combination of education, experience, skills, and knowledge for the right candidate.

Job Type:

Full-time, Permanent


  • 8-hour shift (5 days on, 2 off)
  • Day shift (8AM – 5PM)
  • Monday to Friday
  • May require overtime


  • Dental Care
  • Extended Health Care
  • RRSP contributions
  • Overtime Pay


The above statements are intended to provide a general description of the nature and work expectations for the position. It is not a detailed or exhaustive list of duties, responsibilities, knowledge, skills, and abilities required.

Expected Start Date:

Position available immediately