NEW – Vulcan Core Value Statements

Teamwork, Quality and Responsiveness are the top three core values voted on by our employee's in 2024. These are the values that guide us day to day as we strive to provide outstanding service to our customers.



Teamwork means working collaboratively to achieve our common goals. Our team is the backbone to our success. We know how to work efficiently and effectively by recognizing each others’ skills and playing to our individual strengths. We approach every goal leaning on each others’ shoulders. We have fun together even when faced with the most daunting tasks. Our strength lies in our ability to trust each other.




Our team strives to provide outstanding quality in both products and service. We attain this by continued education, training, and mentorship. We cultivate and enhance standards through a framework of sustained monitoring and never-ending improvement to our quality management system. This includes stringent document and inspection control points, coupled with diverse vendor investment, management, and relationships, ultimately preventing outflow of defects to our customers. Our integrity translates into taking personal responsibility without sacrificing our health, safety, and environmental standards.




We are attentive to our stakeholders’ needs, responding promptly and sensibly. Our interactions are honest, realistic, and respectful. Effective communication is our daily practice. We are passionate about creating a positive customer experience. Responsiveness is how we build trust, improve our rapport, and strengthen our relationships.

We are READY.